Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's Late...

Do you know why I just finished working at what is known as the butt crack 'o dawn?!

Because...it's hard to get things done in this way:

Rock On!

Since Christmas (and even more sadly, Christmas break) has passed, the highlight of the normalcy that is the day to day is that I get to finally blog on my latest super Christmas secret crafts.

As you may or may not know, I like to surprise my friend, Heather, with some...Mmmmm....unique gifts. She is ever so challenging to choose for if you are going to go the traditional "buy me something" route. Last year, I broke the camera she bought me and gave it back to her as my Christmas gift to her. One might call it "Up-Regifting" or "Up-cycling" at it's finest. I'm sure Heather has blogged about it on her photography site, or at least emailed me a picture. She just bought a new home, so that Christmas present better be getting a primo spot!

Anywho...it was that time of year again. She didn't really get me anything I could break and regift this year...(LAME!) So I had to go find scraps off the street, or pub floor, or at the music shop.

She rocks the coolest Fender earrings now. She is ever so stylish.

But, I am blessed with another friend Angela, whose favorite color is not really green, it's purple (I don't care what she says). But, as it was the Christmas season, I acquiesced to her obvious disillusionment and created a hair piece with GREEN in it. I actually made a second one two, but I didn't take a picture of it. This hairpiece is KINDA HUGE. I don't even know if she'll wear it, or even how well I made it...it was my first attempt (sorry Angela).

And then, of course there is the rule that you can't buy yourself anything during the month of December, which I totally abide by, but some people who shall remain nameless (but it rhymes with bike...or bichael) don't follow and make it really hard to buy things for them.

However, I have found a loophole...because I'm awesome.

There is no rule saying you can't test your craft first, and use the scraps to make yourself a super cool hair pin.