Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Have Crayons...Will Make Art.

I think everyone who is on PINTEREST has seen the crayon on canvas artwork.  

Putting this idea in a teacher's head is just not even fair.  Obviously I had to try it...with my FAVORITE COLOR!
I used old crayons from the bottom of the bin at work that all the kids refuse to use....so this craft was kind of a recycle job!

And like a true child...I forgot that...ummm, maybe I would make a mess.
*special note/warning:  Newspaper is a crafters friend!
 And then I thought to myself....why do the same boring thing everyone else is doing on Pinterest?  I don't want to go linear...I want it to go SPLAT!
COOOOOOOOLLLL...MELTING CRAYON!  And All I had to do was turn on my hair dryer!
 And then I was all...I WANT TO MELT MORE STUFF!!!!!  So I lined three of the sides of another canvas and played more with melty crayons.

 It looks like a face to me....like a smiling old lady with shaggy hair.
 Do you see it?
 And then I had four more crayons left and one more canvas, so I was all like "what about sideways?!"
 I like to think the use of pinterest should not be abused as a way to waste time, but a way to inspire your time.  Plus, there are so many FUN ideas in there.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

10 minKNIT

I got bored with my hair again. I am trying really really hard not to cut it all off. Hence, another hair tie project.

Also, my lovely sister, Kate tried to be as super cool as me, and learn how to knit. FAIL. The result was more yarn in the big yarn pile at my house. She does have good taste in yarn though. I had two skeins of this beautiful yarn that is the mix of my real favorite color and her real favorite color. Orange and Red, for those of you who must know. NOT GREEN, as we both once upon a time lied to ourselves about.

I'm trying to read Game of Thrones instead of all of this knitting though. It's a priority so some brothers, friends, and others will get off of my back and I can stop covering my ears every time they talk. And now they're all moving on to Hunger Games, which I have been told I am required to read by the time the movie comes out. My social life is exhausting, and my eyes are starting to burn and my sleeping pattern isn't a pattern anymore.

Anyway, I snuck in a little knitting in my planning period. Oh yes, I will sacrifice grading school papers for just about anything! 10 minutes. 80 stitches. 1/2 of a skein of wool blend(if that). 8 rows later...

Ooops, yeah. My big fat head was too big for the 80 stitches. Thus I attached the two ends with a bow to give me that extra inch of noggin space!

Obviously, I had to put in the buttons. Aren't buttons just cute as...well, buttons!?

In less time it takes to get in the car to get a headband and wait in line at the gross walmart...


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mitten with an "S"

Here we go. I really hope you understood the Clue in the title. Fasten your seat belts. I'm going to talk about how I don't like to talk about feelings.

I'm pretty sure that everyone and their mother know about my aversion to feelings, unless it's a feeling of triumph over evil AKA people who compete against me.

My students, in fact believe 2 awesome things about me:

1. I don't have tear ducts and therefore am incapable of crying
2. I am a vampire and that is why I never turn the lights on in my classroom.

I'm sure you agree about 2 things as well:
1. Wow, these kids are gullible.
2. I sound like an awesome villian.

Meanwhile, back at the cave:

Yesterday, I thought I was going to have to play the villian when the secretary called to say I needed to come to the office. Oh I put on my best "swag," as my kids call it. I stomped all the way down the three halls we have in this school making my best heel clicking, you're in trouble BAMF walk. Game face on, turn the corner....

....Shoot, they're flowers, not an angry parent.
Game face melted.

And then, if the fact that I felt a weird faint thumping, beating in my chest, I can only describe as awkward and this weird face contortion come over my super-villian face...I read this note:

Noooooo.....I don't smile at work! STOP!

And as I sit here and look at these flowers and reread this awesomely funny note, the mitten comes over me....the one that starts with S.

This leads me to do really dorky teacher things like the following:

Oh man. My villian facade is totally ruined.
And Bert got the flowers.

And that, my friends, is as close to feelings as ever I will describe.

******Sidenote: My just absolutely adorable, cheerful, gem of a homeroom thought I bought these flowers myself and had them sent to work for Valentine's Day. Wow, real nice.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's Late...

Do you know why I just finished working at what is known as the butt crack 'o dawn?!

Because...it's hard to get things done in this way:

Rock On!

Since Christmas (and even more sadly, Christmas break) has passed, the highlight of the normalcy that is the day to day is that I get to finally blog on my latest super Christmas secret crafts.

As you may or may not know, I like to surprise my friend, Heather, with some...Mmmmm....unique gifts. She is ever so challenging to choose for if you are going to go the traditional "buy me something" route. Last year, I broke the camera she bought me and gave it back to her as my Christmas gift to her. One might call it "Up-Regifting" or "Up-cycling" at it's finest. I'm sure Heather has blogged about it on her photography site, or at least emailed me a picture. She just bought a new home, so that Christmas present better be getting a primo spot!

Anywho...it was that time of year again. She didn't really get me anything I could break and regift this year...(LAME!) So I had to go find scraps off the street, or pub floor, or at the music shop.

She rocks the coolest Fender earrings now. She is ever so stylish.

But, I am blessed with another friend Angela, whose favorite color is not really green, it's purple (I don't care what she says). But, as it was the Christmas season, I acquiesced to her obvious disillusionment and created a hair piece with GREEN in it. I actually made a second one two, but I didn't take a picture of it. This hairpiece is KINDA HUGE. I don't even know if she'll wear it, or even how well I made it...it was my first attempt (sorry Angela).

And then, of course there is the rule that you can't buy yourself anything during the month of December, which I totally abide by, but some people who shall remain nameless (but it rhymes with bike...or bichael) don't follow and make it really hard to buy things for them.

However, I have found a loophole...because I'm awesome.

There is no rule saying you can't test your craft first, and use the scraps to make yourself a super cool hair pin.