Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Have Crayons...Will Make Art.

I think everyone who is on PINTEREST has seen the crayon on canvas artwork.  

Putting this idea in a teacher's head is just not even fair.  Obviously I had to try it...with my FAVORITE COLOR!
I used old crayons from the bottom of the bin at work that all the kids refuse to use....so this craft was kind of a recycle job!

And like a true child...I forgot that...ummm, maybe I would make a mess.
*special note/warning:  Newspaper is a crafters friend!
 And then I thought to myself....why do the same boring thing everyone else is doing on Pinterest?  I don't want to go linear...I want it to go SPLAT!
COOOOOOOOLLLL...MELTING CRAYON!  And All I had to do was turn on my hair dryer!
 And then I was all...I WANT TO MELT MORE STUFF!!!!!  So I lined three of the sides of another canvas and played more with melty crayons.

 It looks like a face to me....like a smiling old lady with shaggy hair.
 Do you see it?
 And then I had four more crayons left and one more canvas, so I was all like "what about sideways?!"
 I like to think the use of pinterest should not be abused as a way to waste time, but a way to inspire your time.  Plus, there are so many FUN ideas in there.

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