Wednesday, February 22, 2012

10 minKNIT

I got bored with my hair again. I am trying really really hard not to cut it all off. Hence, another hair tie project.

Also, my lovely sister, Kate tried to be as super cool as me, and learn how to knit. FAIL. The result was more yarn in the big yarn pile at my house. She does have good taste in yarn though. I had two skeins of this beautiful yarn that is the mix of my real favorite color and her real favorite color. Orange and Red, for those of you who must know. NOT GREEN, as we both once upon a time lied to ourselves about.

I'm trying to read Game of Thrones instead of all of this knitting though. It's a priority so some brothers, friends, and others will get off of my back and I can stop covering my ears every time they talk. And now they're all moving on to Hunger Games, which I have been told I am required to read by the time the movie comes out. My social life is exhausting, and my eyes are starting to burn and my sleeping pattern isn't a pattern anymore.

Anyway, I snuck in a little knitting in my planning period. Oh yes, I will sacrifice grading school papers for just about anything! 10 minutes. 80 stitches. 1/2 of a skein of wool blend(if that). 8 rows later...

Ooops, yeah. My big fat head was too big for the 80 stitches. Thus I attached the two ends with a bow to give me that extra inch of noggin space!

Obviously, I had to put in the buttons. Aren't buttons just cute as...well, buttons!?

In less time it takes to get in the car to get a headband and wait in line at the gross walmart...


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