Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Conflicting Messages

We have had an inservice because of the Election today. One of the things that prompted a heated discussion is the importance of in depth learning versus the scope and sequence and making sure we were on time with the topics discussed. Whether or not we are aware of it, there does seem to be a conflicting message here. As teachers, at least in our school system, there seems to be chasm between what we actually are accomplishing and what we are told we must do. I myself have had quite a few struggles with what is relavent to the students and what I MUST teach and when I must teach it. I have been spending extra time making sure students understand a certain topic and due to that I have lost speed on my scope and sequence. I am now a month behind with certain classes. Does this mean I am failing at my job, or succeeding?


  1. Of course this does not mean you are failing at your job. I often feel the same way that you do in my own classroom. I am always off my scope and sequence because I insure that my students know and understand a skill before I move on. I think that the people that set up our pace need to take into account that we care about our students and need some flexability. I always feel rushed because we give common assessments and county made end of the quarter test, so we have no choice but to rush through the calendar by the end of the nine weeks. Does your school system have county made end of the quarter test? I feel that we are succeed with out students because they truly learn the material.

  2. We also have common assessments, although they are not county created. They are district-wide however. We make "Success for All" programs rich. They own the rights to "4Sight Tests" "Reading Edge" and "Power Teaching" which we use to ensure we are on target for the Standardized tests at the (should I say middle or end of the year?) March/April testing period.

  3. That sounds very similar to our end of quarter Interim test. These test are designed to ensure that we target the information for our standarized test. What is different is that the teachers make each unit test so that all students have the same test. Thanks for your original post because it made me realize that people feel the same as I do:)