Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

Here in America, St Patrick's Day is something quite different than anywhere else I believe. I love the way Americans make any excuse to have a party. For me, St. Patrick's Day has all of those American traditions, but also a reflection of what I know about my Irish heritage.

Sadly, I have only known one Irishman. To me he was Ireland. That being said, all of the people on that island should be proud to have had such wonderful representation! Through Grandad, I have associated Ireland with a man whose scowl is always betrayed by his smiling eyes (truly smiling in every poetic sense!), who only counted the change in his pocket for the time signature of a song, and whose boot imprint has lasted and continues to last years and years after his face faded from our sights. We are Grandad as much as we are Ireland. God Bless the Irish!

Love you Grandad and Grandmom!

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