Thursday, April 29, 2010

Next Year...

Okay, its nearing the end...of the year. So, of course, as the "reflective teacher" (pats self on back), I am looking at what happened this year, what to change, what to keep, what I like.

Next year I am going to be doing math AND science as part of a two man team (high five Josh!) I am glad I have had a couple of years to just get a handle on Math. This will make two subjects (technically three and a half as everyone must teach reading and a small period called advisory) easier to manage next year. I am very excited about what I have accomplished. I have incorporated blogs, my class is in the middle of creating a review wiki (which can be seen at, I have done several webquests, and other interactive lessons which may or may not include technology.

I fully anticipate using wiki's and blog's again. I really like the idea of using these things for intereactive computer lessons and review. I hope I can also use it for Science also!

Wish me LUCK!

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