Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It happens every year about this time. I am looking at my students report cards as they take their final PSSA test. I know tomorrow I will go back to pulling my hair out each class period at the things my students seem to forget so easily, but for right now in my quiet little classroom, I'm so proud of the things these students do accomplish with all of those extra things they have to deal with now that I didn't have to when I was little.

I see the improvements in grades on the report cards and I know they have learned. Maybe I have done something for them. I can't help but hope that when they look back when they are in that crazy big and scary middle school, they think they liked it better here in this small school where I knew everything about them and could answer their questions just by looking at the expressions on their faces. I helped these guys grow up a little this year. I'm proud of them.

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