Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Carrying Out the GAME Plan

In the previous blogpost, my GAME plan was discussed as a way to incorporate the IST Standards for technology. This week, I would like to look into the ACTION aspect of the GAME plan to outline the resources, information, and steps that are required to accomplish these goals. Reincorporating a wiki as a classroom and whole school resource to promote digital citizenship and also to model digital-age work and learning requires more knowledge and cooperation than resources.

The information required incorporating the wiki into my classroom and school would require training from a conference to discover the intricacies and teachable tools that are available through wikis. In order to use a wiki as a citizenship tool, I would be required to advocate the website throughout the school and share the knowledge and tools I have knowledge of not only with students, but with other teachers and staff. These things would have to be the first steps to the ACTION aspect of my game plan.

Gaining information that is needed beforehand will require experts in the field, computer training, and colleague cooperation. While incorporating wikis into the classroom, I will need student emails, laptops for students, video/voice recording and transferring equipment in order to allow students to use the wiki to its’ potential. I would like to show students how to share videos, discuss math topics, and participate fully in the wiki using this equipment. Students will be shown one feature at a time in order to master the knowledge required. Discussion posts will be discussed and used first as a means to communicate important information.


  1. Jacqueline,

    I have spoken to other teachers in my district about wikis and one issue technology specialists encountered when new teachers want to set up wikis, was security.

    In your research and learning on wikis please remember that wikis can be set up so that anyone can change them or only the people you allow. This realization of security occured in my district when a classroom wiki was not set up properly and someone left an inappropriate change to the students' wiki.

    I want to caution you, but not scare you. I have seen wikis used as a wonderful media for assessment and collaboration.

    Good Luck!

  2. Hi, Jacqueline,
    It is so exciting that you are going to use a wiki in your classroom. I have to ask you if you think you will have very many problems getting it going? I know you said that you were going to do it in steps, which is a good thing, but I worry about my students and what they will write on it. Their spelling and sentence structure is not very good at this point. My colleagues and I have talked about how behind they are in that area. I teach 6th grade, too, but this year seems to be really behind, for some reason. How are you going to handle the security issue over the privacy of the students? How slow are you going to go? I would love to hear more of the details about the implementation of your wiki. I like what you are doing. Good luck and have fun!!


  3. Hi, Jacqueline,
    I would love to hear more about the details of how you are going to implement your wiki in your classroom. I teach 6th grade, too. How are you going to handle the security issues over your students? Do you think they will be able to work with the wiki? I would love to get a wiki going with my students, but there are times that I wonder if they could handle it. How slow are you going to go, when you are showing them how to use the wiki? Good luck and have fun! I am so excited for you.

  4. Jacqueline
    I am excited to hear how your GAME plan turns out because I have wanted to use wikis but have been afraid that I may get myself into something that would take more time to get set up and working correctly with students than I have. I like that you are going to try to have the school involved as a whole, but in my school there are teachers that are not willig to try new technology. I also think it is a great idea tointroduce the students into this one step at a time, this should limit problems or confusion. Let us know how it works for you.

  5. As far as security goes, I have set my wikispace up so that I must personally accept profiles to participate on the wiki page. This makes it very nice. I have also told my students that I can see every change they make to the wiki, as there is a feature on there for the administrator. In this way, students know that if they change something they are not allowed to change, it will be seen and it will decrease their grade on the "appropriate participation" aspect of their rubrics.

    We are just beginning with basic notetaking that will be converted from paper to wikispace. I have yet to begin any discussions on there.