Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Watching the Game Plan

As I have been working towards my game plan, I have begun to gain information on the topics and logistics involved in wikis and using them as a tool for citizenship and school-wide unity.

While participating in our discussion last week, I had the opportunity to learn about google aps and the ability to give each of my students email accounts. This was the first of my hurdles in the logistics aspect of creating and implementing a wiki in the school and classroom. My students were unable to log in without an email, and the district was having difficulty maintaining them as our transient issues have become large in scale. With this new information I have begun working closer to fulfilling my game plan.

As a school-wide tool, I have begun bringing up the idea in our monthly school meetings and during our technology committee meetings. I have created a basic wiki for the students and have begun showing it to the rest of the teachers in order to inform them of the availability and the options that we can use to bind our school through the web.

I would like to research more on the different ways other teachers have used wikis, as often there are ideas that have been proven effective that can help more with the “how” aspect of this project. Rather than reinvent the wheel I will be asking other teachers in the district, as well as researching school district and college websites to find more information.

In following up with further research, I must be mindful to ask more and more, “how?”


  1. Good for you for taking the initiative to share your new technology knowledge with the teachers at your school. Are there teachers who have told you they too would like to get on board the wiki train? I've mentioned this kind teacher collaboration informally at my lunch table at school and have not gotten a very positive response. Mostly, other teachers are not interested in doing something that will take up more time in their day. I have the advantage of being new, young and looking for opportunities to impress my administrators while getting students to do new things in different ways.

    Do you get "team meeting" time each week or would you have to meet to plan with teachers outside of the regular school day? What about others in your district- how often do you get a chance to talk to them?

  2. Some teachers seemed interested when I mentioned the idea, but of course, as with any new idea, it is my responsibility to take the lead and do the heavy lifting. So it goes :) Each 6 day cycle I have the opportunity to meet with all of the math teachers and then with all of my teammates. This happens during the school day. This is one of the single most gratifying things about my school. Giving teachers time to collaborate is an amazing gift. However, as much as I get at my own school, I do not get the opportunity to do so with other district members. So you can see sometimes things can get disjointed. I believe the middle schools feel the brunt of it as they receive all of the 6th grade students in one school and seem to be able to pick out which 6th grade center they come from, which means there are some discrepancies in teaching. If only the world were perfect!