Sunday, October 31, 2010

Final Reflection of the GAME Plan

Step 1: Having an organized method to reflect as a teacher is always a useful tool. Using the GAME Plan naturally lent itself to that area of a teacher's regular regime. I have never been truly reflective of my technology use in the classroom, so this was a unique experience and one that has been very enlightening.

Step 2: I have particularly learned through this experience, the need for school cooperation and the inspiration that can come from collaborating with others. At this moment the math department is trying to put together a wiki in order to connect the entire student body in a more unified look at math. It is very exciting to have tried and experimented in this way with my colleagues.

Step 3: I believe the biggest change in instructional practice that will come of the use of the GAME Plan is to always be open to sharing experiences and set failures as valuable as successes in the learning sphere. The GAME Plan allows us as teachers and learners to do this safely and effectively.

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