Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Incorporating the GAME plan into STUDENT life

The GAME plan process that we have been using thus far this semester is actually very similar to the problem solving steps we teach our students in our Reading classes. We ask students to use these steps when faced with a social problem. They are asked to stop, think about and label the problem, come up with several possible solutions, choose one, act on it, and then evaluate how it went. This semester we have been asked to create a technology Goal, put it into Action, Monitor how the results are going, and lastly, Evaluate the result and make any changes. It is a wonder I never thought to incorporate these strategies in an academic sense earlier in the year.

As we went through these past couple of weeks, working on our GAME plan, it was clear that using this simple graphic and mental organizer simplified a seemingly complicated problem: utilizing technology effectively in the classroom community. Obviously, this lends itself to problem-based learning. Having students fill out a simple graphic organizer, as we have for our standards will illuminate a new focus to their learning as they move along through a problem-based lesson, just as we have not learned more ways to use technology, but new ways to look at technology. Students will be more aware of what they are learning just as they are ever so clear about the math goals we have. However, when using the GAME plan set up, students are more in charge and motivated when using their own technology goals.

My only concern is overwhelming students with another form to fill out. Would anyone have another suggestion for guiding students through a GAME plan of their own without having them hold on to yet another piece of paper? Perhaps a class blog of some kind?


  1. You could do a class blog so the students don't have a piece of paper to fill out or you can just have them not fill anything out. I know its a leap of faith for them to learn the process and then not be assesed on it but if you don't want to overwhelm your students it may work.


  2. Would you want each of your students to identify individual GAME plans or would you want a class to follow 1 GAME plan? If the plan is for the whole class, you could post it on the wall. The kids could make professional looking posters using computers. Just a thought!

  3. I like the thought of a whole class working on a GAME Plan. This would make the classroom environment very cohesive and make it easier to talk about their goal as it arises. Thank you for the input!