Saturday, June 25, 2011


More projects are supposed to be done and posted here. Notice them? Me neither.

Background information: When I get annoyed with projects I ignore them until I forget what they were all about.

My first Christmas tree in my very first house on my very first Christmas alone fell over...THREE TIMES. It layed there for two days, broken glass ornaments included, until I mustered up the patience to look the mess in the eye and say..."no prob, I can redo this entire thing after I clean up the mess."

My dog must have experienced a close encounter with a werewolf and then been exposed to a full moon and chewed up my back door, leaving sawdust, sweaty dog breath, and various debris. It stayed in a scattered mess on the floor, eventually tracking all over the house because I couldn't even look at it. It took me a month to clean it up. As in START to clean it up, or even acknowledge a mess even existed.

Needless to house is rarely clean. You should see my car.

If a person halfway knits a project, gives up, and rips it out (expletives included)...does it count as a project? I've had three of those so far. I finally re-balled the yarn today. Yay me.

The teacher in me is coaching myself: "But think of the things you've learned about knitting because of those projects?"

The student in me responds: "BUT think of how much more DONE they would be if I had done it right already?!"

I'm just saying I get my students. I erase their work and they puff out all of their breath like I'd just given them the Santa Clause talk. "You mean I have to start my life ALL OVER!?"


Positive Note: I read "The Girl Who Chased the Moon" in basically one day. Take THAT progress!

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