Thursday, June 16, 2011

summa time

It is here! You may not quite understand if you are not a teacher. You may in fact be jealous, as almost every year I get the inevitable comment from a friend of mine..."I want your LIFE!"

Let me explain the feeling of the first moments of summertime: It's like the end of one of those dreams where you are lost and separated from someone or some people. You rush about constantly, your heart pounding, the irrational thought that You may not make it without them! You do EVERYTHING you can day and night to run and search and and through the darkness you...screeeeeeeaaaaaaam! And that is when you wake up to summertime. It's like a fresh breeze across your face while your heart returns to a steady beat and you giggle at the thought of your own insensibility. You feel alive for the stress you have put upon yourself...but it makes you feel more alive with the extra gift of time and availability to accomplish everything and nothing with no consequence. Ahhh summer...I love you!

I choose to plan nothing and accomplish nothing this year for summer. Now I know that is quite impossible. I have far too much energy and ADD to sit still and do nothing. But perhaps I could slow down a bit...

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