Friday, July 22, 2011

Breaking News

This news may be a complete shock and surprise, but nonetheless here it is:

I am painfully unable to sit still for long without doing something, making something, or annoying something.


I never knew it about myself.

I thought I never wanted to see another knitted baby item for the rest of my life after making those three baby blankets. I was very done with the comments about how many children I had, and how nice it was that I could take time out of a busy mother's life to create these wonderful items. Do these people see a child around me? Am I carrying a "mom bag?"

Neeeeoooooooo... Here's proof. No one I know can understand why:

A. I bother to carry a bag at all

B. Can fit anything inside of said bag

So, on Monday I sat down on my couch in the morning and said to myself: "Great, A day of nothing. I'll just sit here and bum it. I never do that, it'll be totally awesome and my friends will be so jealous that I do nothing while they go to work."

...30 seconds later...after twisting and contorting on the couch to the point that my head is touching the ground and my legs are slung over the back of my couch, I give up.

I search through all of my yarn in the huge pile in the corner of my living room because I yelled at myself earlier this year for buying yarn and not using it. I found fun colorful stretchy and bouncey yarn! YAY!

Problem: It's baby colors. Dang. Another baby project.

Good news: Baby projects are small just like their tiny little toes, and fingers and eyeballs, and whatever else, so it won't be a huge "baby blanket" kind of project.

AND here is the final product on an actual baby:

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