Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Asante Sahna Squash Banahnah...

You are a baboon...and I am not! I think Rafiki got it right. Sometimes I feel like I am surrounded, but really I am the crazy one.

Life has taken some wild back roads lately. This project was started in the middle of summer when I had no worries ...I thought for the rest of my days. Alas, I had to work again. Lots of changes swept me right off balance just when I perfected the tree pose and my yoga in the park days were done. I always try to finish what I start however.

Yoga bag completed, which is good. I have hung up my yoga mat for the foreseeable future theoretically, and now I can hang it up in reality as well.

At the end of yoga sessions we say...I forget. I always say it, but I always think ASANTE SAHNA SQUASH BANAHNAH when I am saying it. I have been informed by my bestie that the word is NAMASTE.

Therefore I had to ask my friend, given my brainfart. Angela, I didn't want to give out your phone number so I had to cut off your name in my screen capture, but you are the Yogi to my Boo boo when it comes to nonsense!

Sometimes I have no clue what I am trying to attain, but then again, sometimes it's the simple things, like finishing what you start that give me the feeling of NAMASTE (not the Rafiki version).

This is the park that I used to YOGA IT UP in.

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