Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Remember When...

Once Upon a Time, long long ago I used to knit. There is dusty evidence of yarn wars past amongst the neglected and unfortunate shoes, socks, magazines, paintbrushes, pins and various other items in the forgotten house at playground drive. This was back when people were responsible and took care of themselves and their needs, rather than their wants.

That was a long long time ago. This was when I did my job and not 5 other people's jobs. It's a funny thing being pegged as responsible (ick, my inner child curdles at the very mention of such a characteristic!) these days it means..."HERE take mine too! You're so good at it!" For some reason people consider a responsible person something of a curbside drop off. Dump your stuff HERE! Soon the curbside is no longer a curbside with dandelion's and crickets basking in the sun, but more of a hot messy trash heap with too much going on, and not enough space.

That's how I feel this year. I keep looking at my blog thinking I should post something on it. I chastise myself for not being more productive. I had awesome goals before, a LIST full. I can't remember where it is. The only thing I can see right now is my third cup of coffee, a stack of papers to grade that is as thick as the family bible, and a bunch of emails I have to read begging me to do more.

All I really want to do is knit, read, and nap. If everyone could take their own responsibilities back and reread their job titles that would help me out a lot. I am certain it would clear up the pimples, relieve the knot in my shoulder blade, defog my brain and loosen up my facial expression.


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