Monday, August 12, 2013

That bridge...

So one can not simply go to San Francisco without seeing or mentioning that bridge...that red one. The one I once watched a documentary on that explained that the bridge is basically ALWAYS being repainted because of its bright and happy color! And guess's not red, officially it's "international orange."

California knows my favorite color!

And on top of all that, one of the main architects on the job was an Ellis. That's probably why this bridge is so awesome.

You can see that Golden Gate Bridge from far and away. That "international orange" is on purpose. It's all because of Karl. You see, Karl, as I was informed by my friend Jon, is the fog that regularly descends upon the bridge and upon San Francisco.

Karl even has a twitter and Instagram account:

I did not have the fortune to meet dearest Karl as California was as sunny as they say while I was there. I hope to become good friends with Karl in the future!

I also hope that I'll be welcome to cross the Golden Gate Bridge without being arrested. You see I crossed this bridge at least three times while I was in the neighborhood and did not pay one single toll. The first time I crossed I noticed that EZ pass was an east coast novelty and simply didn't work in the tolls here. Also, there was no cash lane so as to alleviate traffic going into the city. Ummmmm, what do I do?!

There was a sign to dial 511 for information, and I love San Francisco so much I swallowed up all of my anxiety about talking on the phone and dialed that darn number! And no matter what option they gave me, I could not figure out what the heck to do. I called each of the three times and spoke to a robot each time for five or ten minutes EACH TIME to no avail.

Geez, human beings on information are more elusive than Karl!

I've yet to get anything in the mail telling me I'm  arrested, nor has Dog the Bounty hunter come aknockin'! Phew!

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