Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Walk in the Woods

I miss you California. I miss your musk. I miss your beautiful scenery. I miss your people. I miss your newness and mystery.

I miss you because I'm back at work. I'm back to the grind. I'm starting to forget your face.

I also miss you because Jon is doing fun things in California without me and I haven't found a job out there yet and I can not simply go and join him on all those wonderful adventures.

Instead I have to sit here in a moldy old classroom in the south side among the sad and down trodden poor kids who don't know what its like to say hello to everyone you pass on the sidewalk.

It's so different.

I try to keep my head up and keep myself in the "Cali spirit." I've gone on a LOT of east coast adventures and done the things I would do there if I had the chance. I bike everyday to work like I'd bike everyday to the cafe'. I'm forever rock climbing like I did out there. I say hi to the miserable people on the street as they pass by.

It's just that all of those things are SO MUCH COOLER in California.

I'm just trying to say I LOVE YOU!

Here was just a glorious day I had with you that I'll never forget:

One does not simply go to California and not see a Redwood forest....
 There truly is no way to experience the scope and magnitude of these big ole giants.

The best part of this trip was the section where you HAD to be silent because the noise pollution apparently scared off the wildlife that makes these trees home. I was in my glory all alone in front of a field trip of young rapscallions. I was finally not the teacher! Those poor jerks were desperately trying to seal the gaps on those little kids faces! It's such a struggle even for the best kids to keep a lid on it! The teachers were probably exhausted by the end of the day, scurrying around like little birds protecting the best! They probably didn't even get a chance to look around the forest. 

Sweet freedom! Sweet sweet solitary freedom!

Alas, I'm back to protecting the nest. But summer will come again!

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