Monday, July 7, 2014

Drinking with your moral compass

So we were in the hotel of curiosity...

As it happens, in the coldest, Siberian-like state of winter, there is a blues bar....RIGHT IN THE HOTEL. Very curious, indeed. Nothing says Winter Olympics quite like the blues.
 I have come to love drinking with Daddy. He is perfect for this place, as he is a curiosity himself. I didn't realize how strange it was to have such a good relationship with your dad until college. College can expand your mind without ever stepping foot in the classrooms. I recommend college for that simple reason. Where else can you go to find a collection of people from all over the world (or at least the country) and LIVE with them and really learn about such a vast collection of philosophies and cultures and PEOPLE? The only time I experienced it to that level was my college life. I would give anything to have it back again. I imagine that is what it is like to live in Washington DC, except people have things to do. College is the casual Friday of life. People are friendlier, happier, and apparently have very little to do. (This coming from the Elementary Ed. major. I can just imagine the uproar I just solicited from the science departments, particularly PREmed. But then, those people are so busy, they probably never participate in casual Friday anyways. :-)

In any case, you may find the theme is quite obvious in this series of blog articles. My Daddy is amazing. He has tried to write his "musings" to his children every year the past few years and it has only inspired me more than his actions have. It is an extremely special thing to be privy to the thoughts of your moral compass. I have been validated in so many things that I thought MIGHT be true to his philosophies and I have become aware of so many other things I had not considered. Daddy is what everyone should have, a true example. He is not infallible. There is always something to be desired when it comes to a human and the life of that human. As examples go, however, he is far superior to anything I have seen or heard. Especially when it comes to sitting on a bar stool. You should definitely have a drink with your moral compass.

You'll come to find little nuances to drinking. It's not really drinking after all, it's socializing and relaxing... with liquid. At a bar, everyone is your friend (and a celebrity). Just because you came in with your Dad and his best friend, doesn't mean you can't turn to the person next to you when there is a lull in the conversation or someone goes to the bathroom! I love walking into a bar with three friends and walking away with a handful more. There have been more than one incident that I have gained phone numbers and networked a friendship at a bar. It's not weird, it's real. Angela and I promised a lady in Boston we were going on a cruise with her this summer. I still have her phone number. I promised a friend at a bar that I'd go to the New River Rendezvous to climb and it was the best experience I had last year.

Don't forget all the celebrities at bars. I think it's the dim lighting. All those gorgeous people...
We found the guy from the Green Mile. You know, that big guy who saves everyone by spitting out weird bugs out of his mouth?! This guy:

I swear. The bartender was Michael Clarke Duncan. His drink of choice was Jameson. We were best friends. He also owned the bar.

And then there's that moment when you are giggling incessantly because the bassist in the band is grabbing your hand and making you strum his strings.  Then you turn to look to your left and look as your moral compasss, the man who is supposed to set your standards in life and show you the way through this mucky world...he's cracking up! The bassist is flirting with you right next to your daddy, and he is beet red...laughing to the point you think he may have a heart attack at any moment. Your daddy is drunk Jax. He's drunk and now he wants a pizza. You're reliving your college days.




Point proven Daddy: Never grow up all the way. Got it.

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