Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Whoa! I tripped...again!

Soooo, I was supposed to go to Peru this summer and see the ruins with my best friend in the whole world. Whelp, my bestie decided to be difficult and reached right into her leg, gripped her tendons like a bull on it's way out the gate and ripped them right out of her leg. She always was difficult. In any case, there's no best friend trip without the best friend. She decided to heal the ACL and I decided to wallow in self pity and extra energy....


...yeah right.

Like I could sit still that long.

My hands started to shake right from the first day of summer vacation. I can't stay in pa! I recruited a friend of mine, rob, and we went to beautiful New Hampshire. Rumney, NH has a name for itself in the climbing world. Longest approaches to the climbs I've experienced on the east coast. Oy! But it helped keep the wanderlust at bay....for about a week. Then my guy, let's call him AWL. My family will appreciate that. Anyways, AWL and I saw there was a hurricane on it's way and thought the best possible thing to do would be to meet it at the jersey shore. That was a pretty good litmus test to his ability to deal with me for an extended period of time. I have already whipped out the sass and the sideways toe tap even WITH the arms crossed! AAANNNDDDD he didn't run away! I'm in shock!

Even a long weekend at the shore couldn't satiate the need to travel. I thought I could handle this!


 I decided to test how much my guy and I could tolerate each other in an enclosed space for real. Naturally the obvious choice was to drag him out west to the home I wish I had. God save him. This is the big test...
We're still in PA. The land of my birth that I have rarely ventured from. Before we leave the place entirely, I was informed that I had to come to beautiful Morris, pa.  Family visits are a must. Along with a visit to see AWL's family, I got to see the ultimate man cave:

I mean, the "huntin cabin." There's no "g" I'm told. This was meant to shock the teacher in me I'm sure. But if you're going to visit bumbleflick nowhere you have to play by the rules of the great white hick :-)

  I loved it, of course. All bazillion spiders and beetles and god knows what unheard of man diseases there could be out there. Right next to a creek with the possibility of bears knocking on the door. No running water. Parking the car in knee high grass. I definitely found a guy that speaks my language.

Next morning, AWL and his dad set me on the back of a Harley and weaver me through the mountains to the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. Angela, I know, don't chuckle at them. They don't know how awesome we are either. Or how massive the actual Grand Canyon is in reality. But this spot is gorgeous, even in the pouring rain.

We'll be crossing in to Ohio and maybe even Indiana by tonight. And do you know the best part of the whole drive?! I get to be in the passenger seat writing this time!

Here's hoping we both make it to California alive!


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  1. Hey, don't be picking on the PA Grand Canyon! I too have seen the real thing, and it's beyond compare, but the little ditch up north of me is ok for a quick stop. Happy you are seeing the sights with AWL....sounds like a good man, so treat him nice! Not for nothin', but Allison, Ben and I are discussing a Machu Picchu trip for next summer, so maybe your BFF will heal up good and we'll see you there!! I'll keep watching for more good "stuff". Still think you should publish this stuff, ya know....