Monday, July 26, 2010

I swear I AM creating!

It did actually occur to me that it seems like I have been doing absolutely NO crafting whatsoever due to vacationing bliss. I would like to dispel that myth by giving updates on unfinished projects.

Knitting takes serious time and squinting that requires an individual to devote all energy and attention to the task at hand. This is extremely difficult to someone like myself who would split herself in order to go in different directions (if you haven't seen "Multiplicity" with Michael Keaton, go see it and you'll get the image I have!). You can't read a book and knit at the same time! This has been my real conundrum as I started reading "Eat, Pray, Love" for a bookclub (which incidentally is on my List: Book Club). It is really good and I whole-heartedly recommend reading this book even though I am only 2/3 of the way through it. Its a book you can read lightly or put emotion and energy into it if you wish. I am doing the former, which also takes away from the knitting. Golly!

Anyways, I have two knitting projects going on. My fearlessly tough, yet extremely sensitive nephew asked me to make him a blanket (he also asked my mom, and she already finished...arrgh). I told him, "I'll make you a blanket, but it is going to take FOREVER to make, and I mean FOREVER!" He said "That's okay, I asked Mumma too."

"Well, what kind of colors do you want me to use?"

"I like ARMY colors, Aunt Jax...and RED."

"Alright, don't forget....FOREVER."

SO...I'm not even close to finished and he asked me before Christmas, I think. I'm knitting up squares. Then, I am stitching them all together. This, I thought would be easiest...very tedious though.

This is how much I have done since Christmas...

Which is actually this much...

And this is how much yarn I still have to use...

You should be thinking what I am thinking right now...Oh dear!
And I fully anticipate not liking the color black after this particular blanket!

Now, if my fingers weren't getting enough exercise, I decided to use this pretty multicolored yarn to make another blanket...why? I was bored (heaven knows why?) and it kept staring at me saying, "You bought me! Why aren't you making me into something awesome!?" Total guilt trip=another project! 2 projects @ one time = slow movin'.

But check out this IS pretty and soft and lovely:

This is how far I have gotten on project number two:

Definitely not blanket status yet! Oh how do people attain all this patience?

So, in conclusion, I am catching up on my discovery channel documentaries when I am not reading my book and trying desperately to knit away the summer. Thusly, my house has not been cleaned since medieval times, my living room resembles a chinese sweatshop,and Bert keeps staring at me like a Discovery Channel camera man poised to capture some amazing natural phenomenon with no hope of actualization. Sorry Bert.

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