Monday, July 19, 2010

Vacation...Oh how I love thee!

I've just returned from a marathon of vacationing. I miss it! I have now added "Spending an entire Summer at the shore" to my LIST. Maybe next year I will rent a shore house with my doggy, Bert.

Bert couldn't make it this time. I did miss him, and he tackled me Flinstones style when I got back. BUT, I did get to enjoy some quality time with my non-related families this month. I have been blessed with many families that I actually do care and adore. I spent some time in Boston with my work family. I really love where I work and who I work with. I couldn't imagine teaching without my support group of teachers.

Just strolling the streets with these people and discussing anything that is on our minds (and I mean ANYTHING!) is such a relief from the pressures of teaching.

Of course, it wouldn't be fun if we didn't see the sights! South Market was wonderful and SO full of life. It reminded me so much of my favorite town, Annapolis. It was definitely MUCH bigger, but no less "towny!" I was able to get a drink at the first tavern in the U.S., the "Bell in Hand" (which I was extremely excited about!) and then walked across the cobble stones to the Green Dragon, where the Revolutionary War was planned. I had a drink in the very same walls as Sam Adams, John Hancock and a host of other incredible Americans!

I spent approximately 7 hours in the car from Boston to Reading only to throw all my dirty clothes on the floor and pack my BEACH clothes! An hour later, I jumped back in the car for 3 more hours to meet up with my Maryland family. My greatest friends who I latched onto unwittingly in high school.

The next morning we spent 9 hours in the car, almost became certifiable, and finally saw that ocean that just seems to bring life to everything, including the sea breeze. This was probably the greatest vacation I have ever experienced. It was so relaxing it took me 2 days to wake up out of the trance I experienced and actually go out and DO something (i.e. write on a blog, send out the mail, do some knitting)

I was able to wake up at 5:30 one morning and experience the sunrise out of the water and watch the pelicans fish (who were in such abundance no one else seemed to notice them!). While we were there we saw dolphins, sand crabs, we even swam with little Moondogs (which are basically jellyfish). A little deer even walked through the shrubberies outside of our porch while we were indulging in some vacation libations! It was lovely in every way. I miss my Maryland family!

I hope everyone is enjoying the sun and letting life inspire you at every turn. I certainly am inspired this summer! New projects on the way!

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  1. Well, you know I love this post :) ~Your bestest Maryland Sister