Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Remembrance

This week my sister's dog, Mandy died. We actually found out recently that she was older than we had initially realized. We took Mandy (a siberian husky) in because someone we knew could no longer take care of her. So, we never really knew much about her birth until our mother asked about it this year when we were able to see our friend again. Mandy was almost 13 years when she died this week.

We found out last week she had cancer. The following week it took her.

On Tuesday when my mom returned from her walk in the morning they found Mandy expiring (with a typical Mandy rowl) and it was only moments until she died.

My little sister was distraught at the event for obvious reasons. I decided to make her a little talisman in remembrance of Mandy. So I scrounged up some things around the house quick before I saw her (45 minutes later?). I used some of my favorite (you guessed it...ORANGE) beads and a little sheee shell I found in the OBX that I brought home. I don't usually like to bring sheee shells home : ) because I don't do anything with them, but I took this one. I suppose that shell knew it needed to hang around Suzy (literally).
This was the final product.

Cheers Mandy!

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