Monday, August 16, 2010

Final Reflection-Walden

There is always excitement in finding new ways to establish learning and literacy skills with our students. I realize now that personally, I take a lot of energy to instill skills and techniques in my classroom. I know now that many of the things I establish in the classroom can and should be established by the children, thereby taking ownership of their own education. I have seen other ways of completing this task without technology and it seems a little lackluster. Now that I have seen some techniques using technology I see that this can be accomplished in a medium that appeals to students, while doubly preparing them for a business/technology based life and work style.

I continually try to build a technology foundation for my students, however, I also would like to give ownership to my students. Thusly, I must prepare my students with knowledge of quality technology and information as well as proper usage. I will take extra care to incorporate this aspect of technology in my lessons.

I plan to utilize website recording tools to show students how to think critically regarding websites. I will also use more technology based projects to assess as well as the more traditional tests used in math classes.

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