Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's the Little Things

It needs to be done...I need to explain a very important part of my life:


Birthmonth has gotten a lot of notariety this year, but in actuality, birthmonth has been going on for several years. It takes on a new form each year, but basically Birthmonth is the best month.

You see, my birthday is May-OH Second. Yes, it's May-OH Second, not just May 2nd. This dates back to my first meager attempts at speech. My brothers and sisters have NEVER wished me a happy's always "Hey Jax, Happy MAY-OOOOOOHHHHH SECOND!" I have relished my own birthday since the very beginning...but why not continue it on?

Birthmonth came about as my very very good friend Heather had the very very VERY bad judgement to continue the friendship, particularly after college. I tried to get rid of her, I tried REALLY hard. I spoke my mind, I was myself, I even tried bad hygene. The girl is stubborn. I blame her parents. For some reason they seem to like me too (although I think it's more Bert the more I stop by their house). In any case, Heather's birthday is next weekend...May 29th. So, you must see where this is going...

We celebrate my birthday HARD, first weekend...and of course, we celebrate Heather's birthday HARD the last weekend...well jimminy crickets...there's only two weekends left in the month...might as well!

And Birthmonth is born.

I say it often..."Life's for Livin'." And I live by that statement. So the Truckermiller's of the world may roll their eyes and say I am completely pig-headed and may even say, as Noel has said to me, "it sounds a little conceited." But, I have to explain myself before you go on and say those things, because they ARE true.

Birthmonth is like the TRUE new year. My year didn't start on January 1st, like Patty Anne's did. My year started May-Oh Second. So to celebrate another year past is, in fact, inaccurate on January 1st. May-Oh Second is the new year, it's the celebration to get rolling.

You see, my theory is you have to get a running start if you are going to last the whole year through with enough steam to actually accomplish anything. And you should see the LIST of things I have to do!

Usually the weekend after, I designate to the person that made it all possible: My Mom. You should always celebrate your mother somewhere near your birthday because, let's be honest, she does all the work.

But back to the list:

Always take time to create:

Here is a little taste of creation:

I have to admit, rather guiltily, that birthmonth this year has been much more fun due to a certain someone who introduced me to this song:

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