Sunday, October 18, 2009

I wanted to focus on the 5 Rs and T that Dr. Garcia spoke on in our DVD collection.

Five Rs:


As far as the respect feature of Dr. Garcia's speech I begin to realize more and more how delicate this portion of education is. The high expectations everyone talk about need to be very clear. I feel that sometimes educators (including myself) need to watch that we aren't looking for these or any students to NOT FAIL, but rather to have them SUCCEED. There is such a small difference, but the difference projected onto these students is huge. We often in our school not only talk about expectation, but making it measurable. I think this is an excellent way to make sure we don't underestimate students.

And of course, being reasonable is always hard when you are in a classroom with so many students. Being reasonable takes a lot more thought than we recognize. In the moment when teachers are not sure what is going to be the best thing for an ELL student being reasonable is very difficult. I think this is one of the hardest pieces to accomplish consistently.

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