Saturday, October 17, 2009


As I am looking at the CREDE standards, one of them does seem to stick out as one that has become very difficult for me as a math teacher. It is hard to incorporate literacy practice within my classroom consistently. Aside from having students read and interpret the direction for their work in their books and on tests, there is not a whole lot of reading going on! I feel that if I were to have students participate more in word problems and interpreting their meaning this might be more helpful. A lot of times these problems are at frustration level for the students. I will have to keep in mind that I should create simpler problems of my own that relate more to them. This of course becomes difficult from time to time with the added time it takes to "recreate the wheel" each year to make more culturally responsive problems. I feel due to the fast paced level in which our world changes, sometimes these simple techniques can become daunting.

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