Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This week we have been looking into the CREDE Standards (a research and development project). The following are the 5 standards that teachers should strive to accomplish in their lesson planning and lessons for students who are English Language Learners (ELL):

1. Teachers and students should be working together (discussion foster's learning!)
2. Teachers should develop literacy practice across the curriculum.
3. Academics should connect to students' lives.
4. Teachers should engage students with challenging lessons.
5. Lessons should emphasize DIALOGUE : ) over LECTURE : (

Remember we are using these strategies to get these English Language Learners from "Total Assistance" to "Proximal Development" to independence.

Thank you Dr. Roland Tharp for these clean guidelines to focus instruction for this budding group of students in our society!


  1. I think #3 is the most difficult to incorporate into the curriculum, especially if the curriculum is standardized. I have to say though, #5 speaks to what learning should look like/ sound like today.

  2. I find that in math it is much easier than in other subject areas. I can make word problems up using student's names and about the area. I know in science the students in my school chart how many times they use water at home, bringing the topic of water usage literally to their doorstep! It takes some creativity though!