Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 1: West Virginia?

Day 1: 4 states

The adventure has started! I had expected this moment to be me riding into the sunset, windows down, sun shining, music blasting! RAIN. LOTS OF RAIN!

I had to rearrange my car to put my bike inside, no one on the road could tell what an awesome adventurer I was...bummer. It was still like I was sneaking off and running away from home though. It's just I recognized EVERYTHING for the first 5 hours or so. I think I still might not understand fully that I am gone. It feels like just another weekend trip. Maybe tonight when I don't go home it will be different...

So I gassed up...
I set my mileage...

And then I drove off!

Pennsylvania, I love you, but you are old news. It took me hours to get through you and everything I always see. Then I saw the sign for state number two! Yes! But, it was Maryland. Maryland I lived in you too...old news. And then to West Virginia! Getting better, didn't live there, visited a couple weeks ago, but West Virginia was getting more adventurous. You know all the stories, west Virginians cousins, family wreaths...

I make jokes about West Virginia like the best of 'em, but really it is a breathtaking place. Even in all the rain and fog, those hills and the's amazing. I even tried to take a picture of it, but as always, no justice was done. The sunset in wv last night was one of the greatest ones I've seen this year:

Now we all know I love nature and sunsets and all that warm fuzzy bologna. But what sealed the deal for wv was actually the sheetz I went to. Because when you walk in to your third bathroom break (more of a sprint really) and you almost slide right into this:

You know heaven can't be too far away. Yes, that's what sheetz has labeled a "beer cave" as in you can walk in and bask in the glory of alcohol just around the corner from the highway. Ahhh la amor! Maybe suffering from inbreeding isn't such a big deal :)

And thus marked my furthest driving experience west. The sun went down and the fog thickened and kentucky was cloaked in mystery. I spent 5 hours in kentucky without seeing a damn thing. Woo adventure! I got to Miguel's Pizza where climbers at the red river gorge come to hang up their harnesses for the night. 1:30am, and people doubted...

Slung my hammock on a tree, snuggled in for the night.
Seriously wondered if this last call would end up with me waking up next to kentucky wanting to chew my arm off...

Here is what I woke up to:

The Mexican kid made me feel like I wa back in Reading... Hahaha

The adventure continues!


  1. I think I am going to like this blog. Like the pics, especially the one of the gas pump! Have one of those beers tonight and sleep tight. Wish I was in Bert's seat. As it is I can enjoy your adventures on the blog. Have lots of fun!

  2. Well, Miss! I hate to admit it, but I wish I were with you! Love the pics. UB will be so excited that there is a day 2!